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Children and Young People

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Counselling with Children, Young People and Adolecents

Along with my private work with adults, I also work with children and young people aged 5 – 18 in private practice and in several secondary and primary schools in the local area.  My person centred approach and way of working is the same with younger and older clients, and that is to provide an environment which is safe, trusting and non-judgemental in which issues can difficulties can be explored and talked about.  Confidentiality is crucial to counselling and is something that I discuss with every client at the beginning of the process.IMG_4000 - Copy (800x533)

For many young children issues or changes at home, problems at school or difficulties with new emotions and feelings can be scary and at times overwhelming for them and parents to cope with.  I would work with them to find ways that they feel comfortable communicating what is going on for them.  This is often through more creative or artistic methods, for instance drawing or painting, using sand trays, toys, acting out situations or even story telling.  For some children playing games or doing an activity whilst talking enables them to relax more and can make it easier to talk more freely.

For some older children and young people, the significant change from primary to secondary school can also bring new and more complex difficulties.  Things like bullying, pressure to succeed, low self worth, self harm, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, sexuality and identity confusion can be some of the issues young people start to face.  Again, my aim is to provide a safe, trusting, non-judgemental space where they can feel able to talk and explore what is going on for them.